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Highly Flexible Printed ITO-free OPV Modules

The HIFLEX project (Grant number 248678) is supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) thematic call: ICT-2009.3.8-Organic Photonics and disruptive photonics technologies.

HIFLEX aims to develop a cost-effective Highly Flexible Printed ITO-free Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) module technology that matches the particular requirements of mobile and remote ICT applications, delivering the required efficiency under different light conditions, sufficient lifetime, acceptable cost structure, appropriate power-to-weight ratio and fit-to-purpose mechanical flexibility. The project intends to accelerate the exploitation of this OPV technology for a wide variety of ICT products in the mobile electronics market.

An application-driven research approach will be followed by developing large area, solution processable ITO-free OPV using scalable, reproducible and commercially viable printing and coating techniques enabling the low-cost production of highly flexible and lightweight OPV products. At the same time it guarantees the technological compatibility with other printed electronic ICT components and systems. The high flexibility and low costs will be addressed by the solar cell module design we intend to bring into production.

We anticipate that this project will result in the demonstration of a new scalable, low cost, solution processable photovoltaic technology. It will therefore form the basis of a potentially substantial business opportunity aiming at developing a new solar cell product with cost and payback characteristics which are more advantageous than existing technologies. This will benefit the entire European community in creating economically accessible PV technology and significant industrial activity by demonstrating viable production procedures for OPV.

LOPE-C 2013

11-13 June 2013

Jan Kroon will be presenting the final Hiflex results to LOPE-C 2013 conference in Munich.


R2R printing of OPV at Risø


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